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Photo Gallery of My Adventures and Educational Talks

The slide show and video on this page detail my and my friends’ adventures.  It also shows us, along with our humans, in action providing educational talks for schools and other organizations.  We have been to all types of locations and even been spotlighted in local newspapers and on television.  We lead very exciting lives and are proud of the contributions we have made to local communities by teaching their citizens about the value of wildlife and human efforts to assist us.

More About 
Wildlife Rehabilitation

Wildlife Rehabilitation is caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife with the ultimate goal of release. It is performed by people who are licensed, tested and trained to care for wild creatures.  Messinger Woods Wildlife Care and Education Center maintains a wildlife hospital in Holland, NY dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation and has a cadre of licensed volunteers who also care for wildlife in home care  satellites scattered around the Buffalo area of Western NY.

Check Out My Friend … Tony the tap dancing sea gull on Rumble.com!
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Photos courtesy of Margie Hanrahan and
Lynn Brunetto @ Lena Maria Photography

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Tony the Tap Dancing Seagull