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Welcome to the Crow’s Nest

Hello!  My name is Jimini Crowket and I am an Educational Ambassador.  I am also a talking crow! When I was hatched, I imprinted on a human and because of that I cannot be released back into the wild.  I never learned the survival skills I needed nor had the relationship with other crows to make it “out there”.

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Jimini Crowket enjoys volunteering with his friends at Messinger Woods Wildlife Care and Education Center, Inc.

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Close up of crow feathers

Crows have shiny black feathers which seem almost iridescent and they moult only once a year.  Crows belong to the Corvidae family which also includes ravens, rooks, jackdaws, magpies, treepies, nutcrackers and jays.  Crows have demonstrated self-awareness and tool making abilities.

Important Crow Facts
Crow Prints Crow Prints Tree Silhoutte

A crow’s view of the world

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However, I do have other skills like talking which make me a perfect Educational Ambassador.  I, along with my friends (other non-releasable birds), have made it our goal to educate humans about us.

Crow Silhoutte

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